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From secretary

We are happy to present you the annual report of Jan Lok Lalyan Parishad for the year 2017-2018 during this year we received support and cooperation from various government departments, non government sectors, ITDA sahibganj, Childline Indian Foundation, JSCPS and local people, women group members youth clubs Adolescent of our area as well as the government organization, like DRDA Pakur, ITDA Pakur ,CSWB Delhi ,JSWB Ranchi, Government of INDIA and International Funding Agency etc. It is for without their support the activities of this financial year would never have been completed. Lastly I am indebted to all those people who have helped Jan Lok Kalyan Parishad through direct and indirect support .

Saroj Kr. Jha
Jan Lok Kalyan Parishad