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Health Program

(a) Mother and New Borne care (MNH)

One day Training to adolescent group sexual health . We formed 52 adolescent boy and girl club consisting of 717 members . JLKP provided training to 10 boy and 10 girls group leaders in this year ,on Sexual health issue. This group trained the others members of the group and other adolescent of the village in turn . this is a fallow up programme .

Training to Adolescent Groups on Health and Hygiene

The adolescent girls became aware of the health and hygiene during menstrual period, irregular periods, changes in the body during this period .

Reproductive child health

Training to SHG leaders on safe sex and child health care 30 SHG members were trained on safe sex and child health care. The participants went in their groups and trained them. The propos of the training was to make the people aware of transferable diseases like AIDS , sexual diseases, the measures to be taken to prevent them that generally occurs when people migrate.